Handbag Essentials

** Reading time: three minutes**

I love reading ‘What’s in my bag?’ blog posts and as I recently bought a super cute, straw bag from H&M, I thought it’s the best time to write my own as I’m moving my essentials over.

The first (most practical) thing in my bag is my personalised card holder from Azurina Store. I got this from my friend a year-or-so ago for Christmas and it’s my favourite thing ever. With 4 card slots and a tiny pouch in the middle, it’s perfect for people who need to stop hoarding 600-year-old receipts and just carry the essential cards i.e me.


I always carry two types of lip products in my bag as I often alternate between the two throughout the day. Glossier Balm Dotcom is my all time favourite lip-balm and I’m obsessed with the Birthday flavour. It gives the lips a slight shimmer and the birthday cake smell is beautiful! My go-to lipstick recently is the Mac Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in shade Kinda Sexy. A nude lipstick is no surprise to my handbag but this one has a pinky-rose undertone which makes it slightly more summery.


My favourite perfume is by Giorgio Armani but I hate wearing the same scent every day so I’ve recently been alternating between, Because it’s YOU by Giorgio Armani, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Toujours Glamour by Moschino. Sí and Flowerbomb are quite musky so I tend to wear them more in the evening as they can be quite overpowering. The more floral/fresh scent is the Moschino perfume which I love for the summer.


I need to take hand cream on the go with me because I’m such a clean freak, my skin gets so dry with the amount of times I wash my hands or use hand sanitiser. The two I switch between are the Neal’s YardBee Lovely Hand Cream and the New Look Shea Moisturising Hand Cream. 


In reality, my bag is full of random receipts, a couple Royal Mail missed-parcel notes, my car and house keys, headphones and most likely a couple of bobby-pins and a scrunchie. But, as it’s a new bag it’s relatively tidy and a girl can dream about keeping it that way!

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