SS18 Trends Wishlish at The Lexicon*

It’s that time again…Fashion Week. Meaning spring is right around the corner so it’s all about refreshing your wardrobe (YES!).

I was invited to attend a SS18 blogger breakfast last weekend; where we spoke about what’s going to be ‘in’ this season. There’s so many exciting trends coming soon and I can’t wait to spend all my money on new clothes. I was given a £50 voucher to spend at The Lexicon and with over 50 shops to chose from I knew I’d find a gem or two. These are my top SS18 picks that I found while shopping at The Lexicon:

1. Ice Cream Pastels.

Pastel colours are making a comeback and I couldn’t be dreading it more. I live for dark hues and monochrome palettes so this is the worst news ever. My 2018 resolution was to experiment more with my style and branch out of my comfort zone so I’m making a conscious effort to get on board with this. Pray for me.

Earrings – New Look

2. Denim.

No surprise that Denim is on trend…again. It’s the most versatile item in your wardrobe that you can have for 50 years and it will NEVER go out of style. 100% happy to be a part of this trend.


3. Primary Colours.

As much as I HATE colour. When summer hits yellow is my favourite go-to (especially on holiday).

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 17.00.19
Bag – Acccessorize

4. Sheer.

100% suitable for the runway, 110% not suitable for the office (but you’ll still see me wear it anyway).


More information about events at the Lexicon or the Lexicon gift card can be found on their website. #sponsored 

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