Behind The Scenes At London Fashion Week 2017

The longest, most stressful week of my life has finally come to an end. It’s been a bitter sweet experience and I’m grateful for every second of it. London Fashion Week has been the event I’ve dreamed of going to since I can remember. I used to flick through random Vogue magazines and see glossy images of the designs that hit the catwalk, and knew it was an experience I was dying to witness first hand some day. I had been to the London Fashion Week Festival (the post-fashion-week showcase of designer and trend catwalks) several times but it still didn’t settle my need to be at the real thing.


Luckily this year, I finally had my chance to go with work and it was everything I expected, if not more. As my company is a Sponsor of LFW this year, I got access to pretty much everything except the shows *cries*. We had a launch party Thursday night and I started work at 8am Friday morning so it’s safe to say I was exhausted and fuelled up on espressos, but that didn’t ruin my excitement.

Backstage show prep.

The first thing I thought when I got to the British Fashion Council show space (where this year’s LFW was held) was how fucking cold it was. If I wasn’t going to die of sleep deprivation this weekend, hyperthermia was going to be the thing to do it. I decided to hide backstage in order to not get frost bite and I’m so glad I did. The atmosphere was incredible. Makeup artists and stylists rushed after models getting them ready, publishers interviewing designers to get insider content and photographers snapping away hoping to get the winning front page picture. Exactly how I pictured it to be.

I spent most of my time running between the BFC show space, to get social content, and our makeshift ‘base’ in a coffee shop, to post the content on our social channels. Hours flew by as schedules are so tight and everyone works so fast paced. Trying to capture the whole LFW experience means you have to work at 100mph or you’ll risk missing out. Lunch was non existent, toilet brakes were non existent, the only thing I had time for was a shot of espresso every half an hour (if that!).

Pre-show setup.

I went for a walk around the show space to get some BTS content and because the area is like a maze, I happen to come across the designer showroom. Oh. My. God. I’ve never seen so many aesthetically pleasing rails and racks in my life. Designers set up tables and mini displays of their products for guests to shop in between shows. Good thing I didn’t have my purse because I would have come home in my overdraft.

Maybelline being the official make-up sponsor for London Fashion Week, meant that I was more than happy to take a 10 minute break and get myself a mini makeover to make make myself look a little less tired. So although I was working…I did make some time to have fun. Just don’t tell my manager.


As Friday was so busy and I was trying to survive on 4 hours of sleep, the day flew by in a blur and ended around 6pm. I just about managed to get through the day and get home, thanks to the kind lady who let me nap on her shoulder on the train.

On Saturday I went to visit the New Look store at Oxford Circus as there was a London Fashion Week activation for customer’s to interact with as they shop. The store had a beauty stand for mini makeovers, pink lemonade, cookie dough and a moving catwalk – the full LFW experience.

After a couple of hours of having a play on the moving catwalk, it was time to head to the BFC show space for another long day of running around after influencers and photographers (and the Lavazza guy who kept my caffeine levels topped up). Although I was only at Fashion Week for 2 days, the preparation and planning for the biggest fashion event PLUS 3 hectic 12-hour days really took it out of me. But it was the best experience to date and even though I’m sad it’s over…I’m reaaaally happy I can go back to sleeping 7 hours a night!

So until next time Fashion Week, you’ve been amaze 👋🏽


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    i am so jealous that you got to go behind the scenes. I bet you had a very phenomenal experience. Also check out

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