August 2017 Birchbox Review

I’ve always wanted a Birchbox subscription. However, being on an apprentice wage and having to spend £480 a month on travel, my accountant a.k.a my boyfriend, said it was unnecessary spending *cries*. BUT we’re over that now. I started my new job 6 weeks ago and when I got my first pay cheque, the first thing I did was go onto the Birchbox website and sign my life away (well, only a year).


When I got the dispatch email I was SO excited. I’m the kind of person to buy things because it has cute packaging (I can’t be the only one). So when I saw that the August Birchbox was mermaid themed I couldn’t wait for mine to be delivered.


In the box I got…

  • Spectrum Collections A05 Brush (Bomb Shell)
  • Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray
  • Merci Handy Hand Cleaning Gel
  • LOC One and Done Shadow Stick (Shade Rock Steady)
  • SebaMed Clear Face Mattifying Cream

…and as it was my first box I received a Spectrum Collections Wonder Sponge and a Nails Inc nail polish (Shade Regal Close).

Spectrum Collections A05 Bomb Shell Brush

This was by far the product I was looking forward to getting the most. I’ve always loooooved Spectrum Collections and as soon as I saw this brush I knew I had to have it. All of the brush designs Spectrum stock are gorgeous and it was so hard having to choose between Bomb Shell and Glam Clam so I clicked the ‘Surprise Me!’ button. All I could think about for 5 working days was which brush I’d get. All of their products are animal-friendly so no bunnies were harmed in the making (🐰yay🐰). The bristles are SO soft and perfect for powder application. I’ve started using mine for my highlight but as the brush is angled it’s ideal for bronzers, blushers or highlighters. Overall Rating: 9/10.

Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray

This product is a-ma-zing. As I commute for work, by the time I get home in the evening, it’s gone 8pm and I can never be bothered to dry my hair after I’ve washed it. My go-to ‘I’m lazy and I can’t be arsed to dry my hair’ style is to french plait wet hair, go to bed and once I wake up the next morning I (usually) get some-sort of beach waves. But this spray is a game changer. Now, I spray the Wave and Shine spray the morning after and it gives my curls that extra bounce, without making it sticky. Overall Rating: 8/10.

Merci Handy Hand Cleaning Gel

Since I started working in London I’ve become a huge germaphobe. So many people, so many germs. The second I saw that there was a sanitiser in my box I was really excited. The flavour (?) is New Wave and I was hoping for it to be a fresh antibacterial smell but it’s more sweet and perfumed. I don’t hate the smell of it but I wouldn’t necessarily buy it as it’s just too sweet for me. But as long as it gets rid of the germs I’m happy. Overall Rating: 6/10

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-04 at 20.02.35
LOC One and Done Shadow Stick (Shade Rock Steady)

LOC is one of Birchbox’s own brands and I’ve never used any of their products until now. When I first saw it, the idea of a quick and easy eyeshadow stick seemed too good to be true as most are either too oily, too difficult to blend or lack pigmentation big time. The shadow stick is paraben-free and it advertises it’s amazing formula that doesn’t need brushes to blend. They were right. The colour I was given is a beautiful deep brown with a slight shimmer, it’s super pigmented and really easy to blend without any brushes necessary! The thing I love most about it, is that it’s cruelty free (🐰yay again for the bunnies🐰) and the formula is so lightweight. I used the shadow stick one morning on my commute to work and it is a blessing. It’s so easy to apply, small enough to carry on the go and it doesn’t budge or crease at all. Definitely my new travel buddy (I NEED MORE) Overall Rating: 8/10.

SebaMed Clear Face Mattifying Cream

This was the product I was unsure about trying as I’m so particular on my skincare and the brands I use. I read the packaging and it’s mean to mattify and reduce acne so decided to use it one evening before bed. At first the formula felt nice but as soon as I started applying it to my face I just couldn’t get over the smell. I’m not saying I want my face creams to smell like sweets but this just smelt like Sudocrem. And as much as Sudocrem has saved my life time and time again, if I wanted to have my face smothered in Sudocrem, I’d do it. When I woke up the next morning my skin felt great. I added a layer on before doing my makeup and was really impressed that it made my face look less oily. However, as the day went on my skin started getting really dry and that’s the last thing I want. Overall Rating: 4/10 (it smelt weird ok I can’t get over that).

Overall, I loved my August Birchbox and I think signing up for an annual subscription was the best thing I’ve ever done. It gives me the opportunity to try new brands and products I wouldn’t normally reach out for and discover new faves.


****Me rn writing this post at 12:30pm because I can’t sleep****


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