Jeans. The bane of my life. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I refuse to pay £40 for a pair of black jeans that go grey after 1 wash. After months of trying different brands I finally found my favourite. P.s. ASOS Rivington. Thank me later.

As Summer is approaching (kind of) the weather is getting warmer (not really) meaning that wearing all black is getting too hot to wear, especially when commuting for work.

I’m known for wearing dark colours and shades as I feel like they suit me best but I’m trying to come out of that habit. I didn’t want to make an impulsive decision and end up buying a whole new wardrobe with bright colours and bold styles and then end up hating it all. It’s a slow process ok. So slowly but surely I’m ordering a few trial pieces which I try to work with knowing that even if I hate them, they wont hurt my bank account.

I found the Nude High Waisted Lace Up Jeans on Missguided and thought it would be a good starting point. A blogger that I follow bought them about 6 months ago which helped me get some styling inspiration.

As the jeans are a nude/camel/pink colour, wearing anything dark would be too harsh. The jeans are the main focus of the outfit so the best way to style it would be with lighter colours as it draws the most attention to the jeans. I paired mine with a plain white t-shirt and white converse. As white is a fairer colour it really complimented the jeans. I can pair two colours together that aren’t black and charcoal grey – result! The tie up lace looks so cute (even though they’re the most unpractical thing when you need to go to the toilet). The jeans are high waisted so it really hugs your figure, defining your waist and hips, but the best thing is that they are a stretchy material so are more comfortable than regular jeans.

Missguided – Camel Vice High Waisted Lace Up Skinny Jeans (Size 4R)

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