I’m going to start off by saying that this isn’t a post about it the wildest three days of my life, Hangover Part IIII style, because that’s honestly not the case. As for those who know me, you know that my typical Saturday night is spent in a bubble bath followed by Netflix and a 9:30pm bedtime. So when reading this you’ll be pleasantly surprised/proud that I actually left the house for 3 days.

Our trip started off at 4am (urgh) when Chloe pulled up outside my house and started screaming. At 4am. In the middle of the street. Screaming. I was definitely awake by that point. After an eventful car journey to the airport, we finally got there and thought the hard part was done. Well, not quite…


I’d like to say I’m a pretty organised, well prepared and level-headed traveller. I wasn’t on this occasion. When we arrived at the airport, we passed security with no troubles, went for breakfast and had a chat. Looked up at the departures board two minutes later and… “Amsterdam 6:40am – GATE CLOSING“. Fuck.

After we ran across the whole of Heathrow Terminal 5 we finally made it to the gate and thought we were in the clear. That’s until the British Airways employee told me that I wasn’t a passenger on the plane. It’s typical that things like this only happen to me. But after a few phone calls everything was fine and we finally got on the plane.


We eventually arrived in Amsterdam and headed straight into the centre to look around (and get a drink). The weather was lovely and the canals looked amazing.


We spent hours just moving from bar to bar, drinking beer (gross) and talking about god-knows-what. After a while, the tiredness of waking up at 3am, started catching up with us and we headed back to the hotel for a nap.


Later on that evening, we experienced Amsterdam at night and it was completely different to what you saw during the day. It was as if we were in a different place completely. Everything was lit up and the buzz of the nightlife was exciting.


Walking down the Red Light District at night was completely shocking. It was crazy. I have no other words to describe it. I’ve never seen anything like it and I probably never will. All of the cute coffee shops we went to earlier that day, were closed and vacant alleys we walked down, were now filled with people looking at the girls in the windows. When we told friends and family we were going to Amsterdam, we were told to experience everything. Trust me…there was a lot to experience.


One of the main things we were set on, was going to the Heineken Experience. But just as expected, a cultural trip to a beer museum turned into 3 girls getting extremely drunk at 2pm. Standard.


From what I can remember it was great and I’d recommend going, if you like beer, or even if you don’t. Who doesn’t like free alcohol?


Another intellectual museum we went to was the Sex Museum. I don’t think this requires any explanation, you can guess what the museum was about. In short, we saw lots of dicks, and clearly were really happy about it. I blame the alcohol.


The atmosphere in Amsterdam is so relaxed, meaning when we weren’t at beer museums or peep shows (don’t even ask), we spent most of our time in cafés and bars drinking and talking for hours. I was sceptical at first but I can now honestly say that my first trip to Amsterdam was amazing and I had so much fun. I recommend that everyone has to go at least once, (just to experience how fucking weird cultural it is).

P.s. one space cake is enough for 3 people.

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