24 Hours in Bath

After the longest year of my life with my boyfriend, a weekend away was definitely deserved. In our first year of being together we’ve gone on holiday quite a lot, so I wanted to make this weekend extra special. Bath has always been on my ‘places I want to visit’ list and I’ve read and heard so many amazing things about it.

We were worried that because we went in the first weekend in January the weather was going to let us down. There were grey skies and a bit of rain but it could have been a lot worse, so we considered ourselves lucky.


With Bath being known for it’s Roman-built baths, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit the Roman Baths.

830914B5-0964-4B13-A8DF-9F47A2285008 (1).JPG

We were guided around the baths, exploring the history and heritage of the thermal springs and Roman architecture. Taking a few pictures along the way…

4FD05A63-15F2-46A7-8738-17628873CB5E (1).JPG

C7FAF790-1B85-47A2-BAA7-00E109B1B984 (1).JPG

After about 20 minutes of Elliot complaining that he was bored, followed by another 10 minutes of him trying to push me in the baths, it was time to leave.

One of my favourite things about Bath were the shops. The high street ranged from little, independent, boutique shops to big branded stores, meaning the variety was endless. The thing I liked the most about the shops were the blend between the contemporary designs of the shop windows with the old historic buildings. 

One of things we had planned for our second day was to visit the Thermae Spa. I love spas. I love everything about them. If I could go to the spa every weekend, I would. I have never been to a spa with natural thermal waters so I was really excited to try something new. The main thing that drew me to the Thermae Spa, was the rooftop pool and the design of the spa being similar to how it was 2000 years ago.


Unfortunately, due to maintenance and refurbishment, the steam rooms were closed. However, we were given two free passes to return within the year, as a consolation gift. Even though the steam rooms were shut, we made use of both the indoor and outdoor pools, which were more than enough for our visit. The spa was beautiful and definitely had the feel of the roman bath heritage, meaning that my first experience of a spa with natural thermal waters was a success.

1DDAAF8F-84E2-45B5-97AE-F601D247D13E (1).JPG

After spending such a special weekend in Bath, it was time to pack up our stuff, leave the spa (much to my disappointment) and head back home. Between the historical Roman Baths, relaxing spas and loads of shops and restaurants to choose from, I am definitely going to go back again. There are loads of lovely things to do in Bath and even though we only stayed for a weekend, it was the right amount of time to fit everything in.




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