Inside Brides the Show

About a month ago, Brides the Show emailed me and gave me 2 complimentary tickets to their September exhibition. Although I’m not getting married anytime soon, I’ve always loved attending weddings and the whole planning behind them, so I was so excited to receive these tickets.

The exhibition was held in the Business Design Centre in Islington, London from Friday 30th to Sunday 1st October. The tickets I was given, were for the Friday night and it was the best way to start off my weekend.


The room was filled with excited wives-to-be and bridesmaids-to-be, looking for their perfect wedding inspiration.


There were stalls full of flower arrangements, dresses of any kind, an assortment of heels and the most amazing honeymoon, holiday packages. Safe to say; I was planning my future wedding all evening.


The whole room was beautifully decorated. Confetti, balloons, flowers, chocolates and bottles of Prosecco covered every inch of the place.

After spending about 40 minutes of looking at wedding dresses that cost more than my house, we finally found the Bobbi Brown make-up bar and sat down to get our make-up done.


I had a plum, smokey cut-crease done. They used their Long-Wear Scream Shadow Stick Eyeshadows in shades, Truffle (as a base colour), Stone (to warm up the crease) and Violet Plum (to create the smokey fade). The colours were really pigmented and the waterproof base meant that it had a long-lasting finish that didn’t smudge or crease after long wear.


It was really interesting looking at all the things to consider for a wedding and seeing such amazing wedding dresses. Even though the event was specifically for weddings, there was so much to see meaning that anyone could come and still enjoy the exhibition. 

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