6 things every girl needs in her wardrobe

As someone that only ever wears black, it can seem quite ironic to be writing a fashion post. But no matter what colour(s) you wear (or don’t wear), these are 6 essentials for every wardrobe.

1. A little black dress.

If, like me, everything you own is black or a dark navy, having a LBD isn’t foreign in your wardrobe. But if you don’t own one, a LBD is perfect for any occasion. For a more up-do style, you can accessorise to the death, or for a more low-key outfit, style with some classic ballet flats and a simple cardigan.

2. A white tee.

A plain white t-shirt is essential for every wardrobe. It can be thrown over jeans, worn under jumpers, tucked into a skirt. Every last minute plan was solved with chucking on a white tee.

3. A bodycon skirt.

For every night out, every first date, every brunch with the girls, a bodycon skirt is needed. Between a faux leather, ribbed, or bandage style, there’s a bodycon skirt for everyone. Guaranteeing to add a little bit of spice to your outfit, (and make your bum look A++).

4. Ankle boots.

A pair of ankle boots are a must all year round. 9 times out of 10, they go with every outfit and every style. They’re perfect with tights and a dress or a shirt and jeans. Some come with a subtle heel so if you’re small, like me, and want to look taller without having to break your ankles in 10″ heels, they’re your best friend.

5. A pair of black heels.

Between wedges, ‘strappy’ heels, stiletto heels and any other kind of heel imaginable, a pair of standard black heels are necessary. They can be worn with a pencil skirt and shirt for an interview, jeans and a tee for a dinner out or a dress for a party. They may not be the most exciting purchase but they’ll definitely get tones of use.

6. Yoga pants.

How anyone can not own yoga pants, is beyond me. They are the closest thing to not wearing any trousers, and they make your bum look so perfect and perky, it’ll be stupid to not invest in a pair.



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