After I finished sixth form, I had a week before stating Google, so Elliot and I decided to go away and have some sort of a summer, in-between work and normal day-to-day reality.

We booked a week, all-inclusive, in Tenerife at the 4* Guayarmina Princess Hotel and Resort.


The hotel was unbelievably beautiful, the rooms were clean and situated perfectly, so each person had a sea view from their balcony. The back of the hotel had an infinity shaped pool, divided by a white bridge and a covered seating area for those that couldn’t handle the heat (e.g. Elliot Long). Having three bars, one snack bar and the main buffet restaurant meant that our all-inclusive package was used to the max. Between vodka slush-puppies every half an hour, unlimited ice-creams and an all-you-can-eat buffet every breakfast, lunch and dinner, we pretty much made our money back within the first few hours of our stay.


Going in July meant that the weather was lovely and the temperature was up to 30 degrees celsius (increasing Elliot’s fear of being burnt). The entertainment programme they had in the hotel meant that every minute of the day there was some kind of activity such as, waterpolo, aqua aerobics, badminton, table tennis and loads more. Not that it effected me anyway, as all I did was read The Girl On The Train and laze by the pool drinking slush-puppies for 8 hours each day.


The selection of food was endless and even the pickiest eaters (me) found something they liked. The staff round the hotel were so friendly, spoke perfect English and didn’t get annoyed when Elliot kept leaving the room key in his pocket when he was in the pool, meaning we had to ask for a new one 100 times a day.


The hotel was in such an amazing location, the beach and ocean front were literally on our doorstep. So every evening after dinner, we’d venture out of the hotel resort and take a walk along the volcanic sandy beach.


After a week of sleeping, eating and tanning (or burning if you’re Elliot), much to my disappointment, it was time to leave and return home. We saw that Guayarmina Princess have loads of resorts in different locations such as Mexico, Barcelona and Gran Canaria, so we’d definitely go again in a new location. The only down-side to the hotel was the 20€ charge per day, per device, for wifi. Other than that the whole holiday was faultless, disregarding the fact I was stuck with Elliot for a week.

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