Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel Review

Over the weekend I went shopping in Windsor on the hunt for a new eyebrow product. After watching hours of YouTube tutorials, I came to the understanding that Bobbi Brown do the best products for any shape/style eyebrow.

Due to having dark brown hair that naturally fades to a lighter brown, I was cautious to use any pencils/kits that could make my eyebrows too big, dark and bold for my face. Because of this, I thought it would be easier to talk to the consultants in Bobbi Brown and see all their options. After spending an eternity in the store, much to Elliot’s frustration when waiting outside, I took home the Long-Wear Brow Gel.


The gel came in a small, black, circular pot with a compact mirror inside. The pot itself was a little bigger than a £2 coin meaning it’s so handy to carry round, on the go. A brush was not included but the one I use is a standard, angled brow brush.


The brow gel comes in 8 different shades; Blonde, Mahogany, Wheat, Rich Brown, Saddle, Taupe, Rich Mahogany and Grey. This variety means it’s really easy to find a colour that suits you and your eyebrow colour. The Bobbi Brown consultant said, the easiest way to find out what colour you should choose when shopping for an eyebrow product, is to look at the natural roots of your hair. After doing this we pointed out that the colour brow gel that matched my hair was Rich Mahogany.

Image result for bobbi brown long wear brow gel

If, similar to me, you have dark and naturally shaped eyebrows which don’t need much filling in or change in colour, this product is perfect. I use the Gel as my only eyebrow product, using the angled brush, outlining my eyebrows and then brushing over the inside of the eyebrow to provide that extra hint of colour to make the eyebrows more even. Although that’s how I use it, The Gel can also be used as a finishing, stay in place, lasting coat to hold your eyebrows in place after filling in with a pencil or kit.

The product is advertised as ‘long lasting’ and ’24 hour hold’. When working in London, if I get home at the end of the day and my makeup is still 100% like it was in the morning, it’s a shock. But since using this product, I can see that the heat of the tubes, or anything that would normally wear my makeup, doesn’t affect my eyebrows and the ‘long lasting’ advertisement is accurate and a true representation of the product.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.27.50 PM.png



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