Inside V Festival

I booked my ticket for V Festival back in March, when a large group of friends decided we’ll all go, as a celebratory weekend for finishing our exams. If only I had known. My family and friends couldn’t emphasise  enough how much they thought I was going to hate camping. I had never been before, and thought that the best time to experience it, would be when I’m with my friends, and more accurately, drunk as a lord. After counting down, from over 100 days, the weekend of the festival came and so began the most overwhelming, and most insane, weekend of my life.

The group got to the camp site mid Friday afternoon, and the weather was not being kind. The rain was constant, and the thought of having to sleep on the ground for 3 days with nothing but a shield of thin plastic, worried me. How to solve this feeling…alcohol. And so I began to get drunk. Then one drink was followed by another and another. Soon enough I was soaked down to the bone but was too drunk to even care.


Friday night included DJs and more alcohol and more rain. Not a good mix. DJs such as Annie Mac and DJ EZ had their own sets and the atmosphere was unbelievable. That night a couple friends and I experienced our first mosh-pit and it’s safe to say, I thought that was going to be the end of me. Being 5’2 in a large, drunk/high, crowd just calls for a disaster. After the longest 30 seconds of my life whereby I was lying on the ground being trampled by drunk guys, and my caring and supportive friends standing there doubled over laughing at me, I was ready to go to bed. Which for the weekend, was a blow up mattress and a sleeping bag, you can only imagine the comfort in that.


After a restless night, 6:30am comes around quickly and the sun rising meant that the tent became an oven. Just like any other morning, I stepped out of the the tent and smelt the beautiful mixed aroma of weed, portable toilets and someone’s vomit from the night before. Refreshing. I was determined to have a great weekend, so I got ready and had high hopes for the day ahead, as well as texting my mum saying how much I wanted to come home.


Zara Larsson, Bastille and Tinie Tempah preformed on Saturday and were amazing. Crowds of people were queuing up to get glitter face paints, bandanas and other festival necessities. The constant buzz of excitement was present, creating an intoxicating atmosphere that made the festival that extra more fun and enjoyable.


But of course, the good vibes were ruined by another rain downpour. Justin Bieber headlined the main stage in the evening and was disappointing. Endless rows of people, paying lots of money, traveling from different places all over the country to see him, were shocked when he turned up on stage and danced. And when he did sing, it was rumored that a backing track was present and he was mouthing the whole thing. After claiming he was “hungover”, (like us all), the controversy of his set was evident,and we all knew this would make the papers the next morning.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 5.12.06 PM.png

Sunday morning approached and with the glimpse of hope in the weather holding up, we were once again let down as it rained. No surprise there. By the end of night 2 I was adamant that I wasn’t staying another night. I thought to myself, that for someone who turns her nose up at anything less than a 4* hotel with a spa included, at what point I thought that camping was going to be my cup of tea.


As the morning went on, the rain finally stopped and the sun made an appearance. After about 45 minutes of throwing a tantrum and claiming sleeping in a tent is ‘abuse’ and ‘I deserve better’, a friend and her boyfriend offered to let me join them when they head home after the acts that night. Hallelujah. A mixture of knowing I was going home that night and feeling like a princess with glitter on my face meant that I enjoyed the day a lot more.


Years and Years, Jess Glynne, Little Mix and David Guetta were present on the main stage which meant that a group of us was in the crowd for over 4 hours.  The festival crowd was buzzing as the acts performed amazingly. All the performers got the crowd engaged as everyone was singing and dancing, having the best time in the small allowance of sunshine that weekend.


After hours of build up, Rihanna was to take the stage and wrap up the whole festival. She was 40 minutes late, but it’s okay because it’s Rihanna and she does what she wants. After about 10 minutes of the crowd singing “where the fuck is Rihanna”, she finally came on stage. Her set consisted of her most popular songs like Umbrella, Diamonds, Work, We Found Love and Needed Me and others. She was unbelievable. I had never seen Rihanna live but she was amazing. The whole crowd was involved and her performance, personally, was by far the best of the weekend.


After Rihanna finished the area was flooded with people walking back to the campsite. Which meant it was time to head home. I was really looking forward to sleeping on the cold ground for another night. Shame. It was only once we were half way home I realised that the weekend was unreal and I made so many memories with great friends, and as much as the camping was awful (to say the least), I did not regret the whole experience at all as I had so much fun and loved every minute. Potentially not the camping part, or the having to pee in a plastic toilet most likely containing every STI on the planet, but never-the-less, every minute. The feeling of having no responsibility was harshly ruined by work emails, and that’s when I knew it was back to work and back to reality.



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