Working with Canon at London Fashion Week

I’ve always had an interest in fashion and about 3 years ago I was taken to London Fashion Week for the first time and I loved it. Since then, I’ve been going every year. However, earlier in the year I was given the opportunity to work with Canon Inc. on one of the catwalk shows, with 9 other lucky people.

The day started off in Canon’s office in Chelsea, only a 5 minute walk from the Saatchi Art Gallery, where the show was based.


We then were taken by Canon to the Gallery and were given our cameras and brief on what shots work well, what angles to take and what our main focus points were. The show started around 10am and the first set of models ran the catwalk.


The experience of being in the photographer’s pit was incredible and you really got the chance to see the clothes up close and personal. After the catwalk show we were taken back stage to see the models and designers prep for the next runway event later that day. We were given the opportunity to chat with the makeup/fashion crew and talk about their experiences of being behind the scenes.


Throughout the day the whole production team were very supportive and created an amazing show. The event finished at around 2pm, whereby we were all given our camera memory cards, holding the images we captured that day, to take as a token of our experience.

Although I’ve been to London Fashion Week before, having the opportunity to work behind the scenes, instead of an attending viewer, gave me a wider insight on what goes on, not just on the catwalk, but off it and the process the management go through. If it’s an experience that anyone has the chance to take, it’s one you can’t miss!


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  1. Lucky girl – what an amazing opportunity 👏🏼


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