Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review

Working in Soho, London, means that Oxford Street and Covent Garden are literally a 15 minute walk away from my office. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Last Friday I ventured out on my lunch break with a few friends, to have a look at the shops around Covent Garden. What a mistake that was. Endless designer shops and payday being so far away, it was a risk to even step foot away from my desk. Makeup shops like Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Nars and Urban Decay were all within a mile’s radius from each other. It was magical.

Long story short, I went into Urban Decay and bought their Naked 2 eyeshadow palette.

The makeup look I tend to go for is mainly a nude and neutral eye with a full coverage foundation and a pink/pale lip. This palette provides that, but with the deeper colours can provide a beautiful smokey eye, and the shimmery colours can give a pigmented glitter look.

Half baked and tease are my go-to colours. Half baked is a shimmery bronze with high pigmentation and is so easy to apply. Tease is a purple/plum matte colour which I like to use when I do a soft cut crease.

All the colours compliment each other, meaning that mixing and using different combinations work every time. The shadows are really easy to apply and blend with ease, proving how high quality the makeup is. The colours are long lasting and will last for hours without the need of reapplying.


The packaging of the palette is clean and sophisticated. The inner mirror makes applying on the go easy and accessible and the double sided blending and flat brushes provided are high quality and compliment the whole palette.

The palette being £38 is proven to be good value for money and I’d definitely invest in the other palettes in the future.





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