The best places to visit, and when to visit them

January – Norway.


Tromso, Norway, being 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle means it’s the perfect spot to see the Northern Lights in the winter months. In January the Northern Lights are at their peak and many class the area as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’. There are also husky safaris to go on and for those that would rather not, indoor spas and saunas in many local hotels.

February – Italy.


Venice, Italy, is probably the one of the most beautiful places to visit all year round (biased) but February is one of the best months to go, for many reasons. The annual Venice Carnival (Carnevale) is active throughout the month of February with masked partygoers, a reinvention of historical tradition and elite masked balls which wealthy attendees pay a minimum of €760 per person (£547!).

March – Morocco.


Morocco in March is one of the best times to visit the county. It has warm temperatures of 20-25 degrees celsius and beautiful sunny days which mean that the nature is at its peak.

April – Argentina.


Buenos Aries, Argentina, in April means that it’s their autumn. The city has colourful local festivals in April time, which consist of a variety of local music and food to experience when visiting.

May – Peru.


Machu Picchu, Peru is seen to be the best place to visit in May due to it being pre-season and there are low chances of rain. The best thing to do when visiting is hiking the Inca Trail which is described as the ‘best way to see the lost city of Incas’.

June – Iceland.


Husavik, Iceland is the best place to go whale watching. The Skjalfandi Bay provides half-day boat trips where you can go and whale-watch, in groups of up to 15 people, and if you don’t see a whale they book another voyage for free.

July – Las Vegas.


People would argue that Las Vegas is the same all year round. But in July that’s when summer is at full swing and the city becomes even brighter than usual. Between acrobatic shows and DJed pool parties, July is the hottest month in the city so you’ll find many party goers and sun soakers.

August – Jamaica.


August in Jamaica is no doubt the best time to visit the beautiful destination. August is a month of celebration and festivals in Jamaica which means that many tourists visit to witness the colourful and exciting events that take place. The average temperature being 33 degrees celsius means that summer is properly enjoyed in the heat and the warm Caribbean Sea.

September – France.


In September, France hasn’t reached autumn yet so the gardens are still in bloom. The France cultural season begins with operas, ballets and theatre events spreading nationally. The weather is mild so day trips and bike rides along parks/rivers are perfect.

October – Pennsylvania.


In the US, Halloween is celebrated a lot larger than in many countries globally. But Pennsylvania has been arguably known for the best place to be during October. Pennsylvania is widely known for it’s main event of The Rocky Horror Show at the Bucks County Playhouse. The state is renown for its street decorations and Halloween costumes.

November – Bora Bora.


Bora Bora is argued to be the best place to visit in November. This is due to the depleted crowds, after the peak season, and the amazing out-of-season deals. The weather is at a comfortable heat, 20-26 degrees celsius, whereby you can enjoy your trip without the business but with the heat.

December – New York.


December in New York is described as ‘magical’ and ‘breathtaking’. The whole city being decorated in festivity has created the widely known Manhattan Lights which are a favourite of those who live in the city but also those who visit. The iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree has been identified globally and many travel hundreds of miles just to see it every year. The festivity doesn’t stop there; with endless streets of beautifully decorated shops and The Broadway Theatre showing holiday films, New York has proclaimed Christmas as it’s own.




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