My makeup must-haves


Primer to me is the most important thing when doing your makeup. It’s the base which makes sure your makeup is applied smoothy and flawless. The primer I use is the Maybelline New York, Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer. This primer gives a lightweight base coat which makes my skin look smooth and blurs out my pores, making my foundation be applied evenly.



I’ve always had difficulty finding the perfect foundation that provides the right coverage and a lightweight feeling which doesn’t leave my face looking thick with makeup. When I went on holiday I went to Duty Free and got my makeup done by Estee Lauder. Immediately I fell in love; the Double Wear, Stay-In-Place Foundation is the exact foundation I’ve been looking for. It provides a flawless coverage and is weightless, providing a very natural and even skin tone.



The eyeshadow palette which I always use for ay occasion is the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Palette in shade All Night Long (429) the palette gives very neutral and nude colours but also sparkly gold/silver metals.  There’s a colour for every situation. The colours are so pigmented and are so easy to apply.



Mascara being my favourite makeup product (along with highlighters/illuminisers) I’ve used/tested so many to find one that makes my eyelashes look just how I like them. The only one I’ve found that gives me the results I’m wanting is the YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils, BabyDoll Mascara. This mascara makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller, giving it a faux lash look with no clumps or stickiness. Paying £30 for the mascara means crying is a no-go when it’s that expensive.



The only thing to compliment the YSL BabyDoll mascara is the matching YSL Shocking Faux Cils Effect Eyeliner. This eyeliner has a pointed felt tip that creates the perfect winged eyeliner.



Having a job which requires me to be up at 6am, means I can’t spend ages on contouring my face as much as I would want to. But with the L’Oreal Paris, Glam Bronze Duo, it makes contouring easy. The powder is so pigmented and provides a shimmery effect which many highlighters and bronzers do not have. It gives my cheekbones more shape and the highlighter included makes my face sparkly/glittery which I love (and my boyfriend hates).


Lip gloss.

To me, lip glosses have always been a wash out. They have the tendency to make your lips worse, as they make your skin dependant on the product so can cause irritation and mainly stickiness. But when I went on holiday I discovered the Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss, with built in UV protection. This provides a moisturising and hydrating gloss for your lips which  protects them from getting burnt, also giving two flavours which are the perfect smells for when you’re on holiday, or not!


My other favourite lip gloss is the Victoria’s Secret Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper. I got this lipgloss on the plane on holiday and is the best lip plumper I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect to use as a base before applying another lipgloss or lipstick, but it’s just as good on it’s own. The lipgloss comes in a variety of pale pinks and gives your lips more of a fuller, plumper look with a sheer colour finish.



I have so many makeup products that I use on a regular basis, and so many more I want to try, and will buy in the future. But these are my favourite products that I couldn’t live without and highly recommend trying out.


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