Back in February I visited my favourite place in the world for a weekend and it did not disappoint. I’ve always loved to travel and I’ve been to Paris many times before with family, but this was the first time I went away without them, and with my boyfriend, Elliot, instead.

The trip started off very early Friday morning with our British Airways flight being at 8am.


After our two hour flight we arrived in Paris, Orly airport but no way to get to the hotel. As we were trying to find a taxi, a guy came to us and said he would take us to our hotel for a fixed rate of 50€. Considering our hotel was about an hour away we thought that was the best we were going to get, so risked it and got into a car with a potential murderer. (I wouldn’t suggest it). But much to our surprise, we arrived at the hotel in just under an hour later without being murdered or taken to the wrong place. Result.

We stayed at the Golden Tulip Little Palace Hotel in central Paris, a 10 minute walk from the Louvre and Notre Dame. The 4* hotel was small and modern with newly decorated rooms and a large double bed, that a 5ft2 midget like me was more than snug to sleep in. Until I was rudely interrupted for,”starfishing in the middle of the bed”. Waking me up to say I was in the middle of the bed? Talk about being a selfish boyfriend.

The first thing we set out to do was shop. We knew it would have to be done at some point during our stay, so we thought we’d get it over and done with, much to our dismay. Many people on Trip Advisor had suggested Galeries Lafayette as the place to shop in Paris, but due to the designer fashion culture, anywhere you turned there were gorgeous boutiques or banded shops of any kind at every corner.

Paris became my favourite place to travel to because of its reputation of a glamorous city and the heart of makeup and designer brands. Which meant that, to Elliot’s annoyance, I aimlessly walked around the makeup counters looking at all the sparkly products wishing I had more space in my luggage and that Elliot brought his credit card.


Saturday we set off to sight see and our first destination was the Louvre Museum. We didn’t get a chance to go inside and look at the Mona Lisa, and all the other famous paintings, but from there we walked along the river and visited the infamous Love Lock Bridge.


After about 40 minutes of “Cassie this is so cringe can we go yet” and me replying with “but just one more minute we need to put the lock in a good place” we left the Love Lock Bridge and walked through the Tuileries Garden, opposite the Louvre Museum. After which we got on a ferris wheel which showed a sky view of the centre of Paris.


Sunday came and we decided we’d walk up the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe and then take the bridge over the River Seine to the Eiffel Tower. At first I was skeptical; Elliot assured it would only be an hour, 2 hour tops, walk. Well Elliot was wrong. The walk to the Arc de Triomphe was endless, but full of designer shops and luxury brands which made the walk less painful. By the time we got half way to the Arc I was hyperventilating and complaining because I wanted a Big Mac. Effects of not going to the gym. So after the bribery of a convenient McDonald’s Elliot persuaded me to continue our journey to the Arc.


Following the struggle of the lengthy walk, Elliot assured once again that the walk from the Arc to the Eiffel Tower would be “dead easy” because it’s “just over the bridge”. I’m never trusting him with a map again.

Fast forward an hour of bickering over what street we’re meant to be on and Elliot being right, (somehow, considering he’s the kind of person to get lost in Tesco). We finally arrived at the Eiffel Tower.


So after 3 hours of walking here, what do we decide to do? Take the stairs up the tower. I swear I thought I was going to pass out at one point. The see-through stairs and open metal frame made me feel anxious with every step I took. But the view from the second floor was incredible and 100% worth the mini heart attacks every 60 steps.

IMG_1262.JPGMonday soon came creeping which meant it was time to get back on the plane home. The weekend trip made me realise 3 things; 1. I need to start going to the gym. 2. Paris still wins at being my favourite place in the world 3. When Elliot is given a map, DO NOT TRUST HIS DISTANCE JUDGEMENT. Overall the trip was a success and the weekend couldn’t have gone any better.

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    1. Me too! Have you been before?


      1. Ediza Ferris says:

        Oh yes! I eloped to Paris!


      2. Omg that’s amazing!


      3. Ediza Ferris says:

        Best day of my life, and wouldn’t change it for the world! There’s a post somewhere on my blog, pictures and video are everything!


      4. I’ll definitely have to have a look!


  1. Megan says:

    Another beautiful blog post.

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