Kylie Lip Kit Review

Lots of people have asked me to start doing some reviews on my blog so I thought the thing which I would feel most confident reviewing, to those that know me well wont be surprised, is makeup!

A lot of people on Twitter and Instagram recently have been obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s new cosmetic range, and only a select few have had the opportunity in buying her products; due to how quickly they sell out. I luckily have been able to buy a couple products from Kylie’s range and thought that for those that haven’t, I can provide the details of one of my favourite and most used makeup items.

After weeks of trying to get one of the infamous lip kits, by Kylie Cosmetics, I finally managed to get a lip kit in shade Candy K, in one of the restocks for $29. I had read up about Kylie’s glosses and saw it created mixed views; some were so excited to buy more because of how good they were…

…when others have criticised the glosses by saying the colours are nothing like they are shown online and the quality is poor.

So I thought to find out myself.

When they first came it was everything that I was expecting; simplistic packaging and nicely designed. I worried that the colour would turn out completely different to what I saw online but surprisingly I was wrong and the shade turned out just as shown.

-Candy K-

Candy K is the perfect mix between nude and pink, being very pigmented, and the matte effect creates a flawless finish which lasts for hours. Although matte finishing lip glosses can normally make lips feel dry, this gloss kept my lips hydrated all day and had a ‘stay-in-place’ formula that really worked, so I didn’t need to keep re-applying every 5 seconds.

Although Kylie’s cosmetic range varies with loads of quirky colours (light blue- Skylie, deep purple- Kourt K and bright red- Mary Jo K) Candy K is a faultless colour to use for a natural look, but also when wanting to do more of an up-do makeup style.

The glosses have a vanilla scent which is too good you’d want to eat it, but not too overpowering that it’s the only think you’ll smell all day. Applying the gloss is simple and straightforward even for makeup newbies; with instructions on applying the liner to shape your lips and the gloss to fill it in.

I was so pleased when receiving my Kylie lip kit but even more pleased when I used it and discovered it was an amazing product. I would definitely buy more from Kylie Cosmetics, and am already expanding my lip kit collection and trying new colours and styles (metals/glosses) discovering more favourite shades. But, Candy K will always be my favourite go-to for every occasion as it’s the perfect day-to-day lipgloss, that is a staple piece for my makeup bag.

(images-, @_NiCoLeAnGeLo_,,

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  1. Kylie fan 101 says:

    Great read!

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    1. Lilly says:

      Very explanatory, I’ ll definately buy one. Thank you.

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    2. Thank you for your support!


  2. Love your review, you should do a makeup look too with her kit! ❤

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    1. Coming soon… 😉


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