Why I applied for a job at Google.

At age 5 I never aspired to be a mermaid, teacher or astronaut like the other children in my class. At age 10 I started secondary school with no idea of what subjects I enjoyed or wanted to pursue. At age 15 I commenced my GCSEs with all my hope in discovering what I am good at and what I could choose to continue doing for my A-Levels. At age 17 I applied for university with no set idea of a future career or pathway and the phrase “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” petrified me.

It’s easy to say I had no idea what I was doing with my life.

I remember the night I first applied for Google, I never thought 6 months later I’d be here. I had just applied for my student finance. University was never my plan but everyone at college seemed to think that it was my  best and secure option. I had researched apprenticeships the run up to my exams, but they all seemed low-paid, tea and coffee making, jobs. I’m better than that. So I just dealt with the idea of going to uni and hoped I’d find my way eventually among the student parties and alcohol, I mean the lectures and exams.

If you ask anyone that is close to me the only thing they would say I do is sit on social media. I know all the trends, who’s dating who, what fashion style is ‘in’ and the best places to eat. The wonders of online shopping. I know straight away, as soon as I would click on that ASOS website, what is going in my basket today. I do it so much it became a hobby. A very expensive hobby.  I was always told to aspire for a job that I enjoy, yet Online Shopping Executives apparently don’t exist according to Indeed.com. As I started to buy more and more I needed more and more funding so then I discovered that I was very good at persuading people, so much so I even started to plan pitches on how I’ll present the case that there’s only one skirt left in my size and I NEED it. Persuading people, social media and online shopping became my three main talents, your average Oxford University goer would be ashamed of me.

I came to the understanding that Sociology, Politics and English Language interested me but I couldn’t pursue a career in it. I needed to focus more on what I was good at and the more I did that, the more I realised that Social Media and Marketing was an area I could enjoy.

But by that point it was already too late. My university application for Criminology had been accepted by several universities and my accommodation was secured. I had no idea what to do next. So after 45 minutes, of scouting ASOS and flicking between Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, like every other evening, I started to research Social Media Apprenticeships. I found it, a job that included all of my skills; knowledge in social media, the ability to promote and advertise even the simplest of things, and the understanding to what attracts people to want things.

A lot can change when you finally acknowledge what you’re good at. I never was that person to have that burning desire to be a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice since the age of 6 months but when I found I liked it and was good at it, it made me discover that I always knew what I wanted to do, just didn’t realise it.

And I applied because they have a slide – obvs.


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